3 – Tiered Prescription Drug Formulary   January 2012 

(NonPreferred) (bb)3 – Tiered Prescription(/bb) Drug Formulary (/bb) (bb)January 2012 (/bb) This formulary listing is to function a reference guide for the choice of costeffective medications and doesn't guarantee coverage or imply therapeutic equivalence. Please use this formulary together with your medical practitioner to make certain that any medication selected is each cost effective and clinically acceptable. This formulary listing is subject to alter, please contact the ProAct facilitate desk variety on the back of your card for the foremost up so far formulary. This formulary isn't all inclusive. Generic merchandise can method as Tier one medication at your lowest copay. Tier a pair of contains formulary brands and will method at your middle tier. discount zithromax without a prescription Tier three contains nonpreferred brands and are subject to your highest copay. bound merchandise might be excluded from your arrange or need further authorization. Tier 1 (Generic) Tier 2 (Preferred Brand) zithromax online consultation us Tier 3 *point9*

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